Crystal Healing

workshop met Shuning

Spiritual Crystal Body and Aura with Board of Gems

Board of Gems is a branch of Board of Knowledge, it describes all the minerals, crystals and gemstones in this Reality. The work of Board of Gems is more than just a healing. It refines energy vibrations and frequencies of the body, mind and soul. It prepares us for the new dimensional world with a higher consciousness.

In this session we’ll work with The Spiritual Crystal Body and aura to change the body and aura to a more refined and fine tuned vibration, to a higher and more advanced energy level. You will feel better, stronger and calmer. Joy and love comes into your life. The layout allows you to see what is not good in your life and be able to take distance from it and make new and better decisions.

I’ll add another layout that fits into the group and work with the Board of Knowledge on the physical, emotional and spiritual level of each individual. More info check

zondag 10 november van 10:00 tot 12:00 u, open vanaf 9:45 u
– deelname 25,00 € –

place for 5 people

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locatie: Begoniastraat 15 Eindhoven

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