Workshop Ilahinoor / Inka Healing

driedaagse workshop met Kiara Windrider

An Inkanoor Weekend

Ilahinoor refers to a universal field of ‘divine light’, and is a simple yet profound technique for unifying with the higher self. During this weekend training, we will learn to access and transmit these energies through an understanding of brain physiology and soul psychology. We will also experience teachings and practices from the Q’ero Inka tradition, which provide direct and easy access to shamanic worlds. As we open doorways between the worlds we learn to communicate directly with the elemental worlds of nature and to experience our identity with the One Self that moves through all things within and beyond Creation.

op vrijdag, zaterdag, zondag 5, 6, 7 juli
vrijdag van 19:00 tot 22:00 u,
zaterdag en zondag beide van 10:00 tot 18:00 u
steeds een kwartier van tevoren open

– deelname 199,00 € –

meer info: Jamy Frencken, 06-27845954 /
inschrijven via:

locatie: Begoniastraat 15 Eindhoven

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