Take Charge of Your Health!

Take Charge of Your Health! met Alison Menzies

Energy Tools & Techniques for Staying Healthy & Happy

You will learn simple, safe & effective ways for you to balance your own body’s energy. This will help you feel stronger, have more energy, cope better with stress and have more joy! Energy Medicine is based on the premise that the body can and will healby activating it’s natural healing energies and restoring energies that have become weak, or out of balance.

Everything is energy! A subtle energy system within us, directs the activities of our body. These energies are called meridians, chakras, and aura. Health challenges, influences from stress, illness, emotional distress and disease are apparent in the energy of our body, before these conditions can be seen in the physical form. You will learn how to restore your body’s energy by simple techniques and tools. How to recognise when you are out of balance, what might be causing it and how to fix it!

Book before April 7th for only €50! To register and for more details email  info@energyinspires.com or visit www.energyinspires.com

Sunday apr 20th from 12:00 till 18:00 u, open from 11:45 u

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